The Advantage of Using Steel Targets

Shooting Steel Target Advantages
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A great target (of misc. materials) should bounce, spin, rock, wobble, explode, fall, or give some other visual indicator when hit. The Angry Hornet AR500 Steel Targets give the shooter exactly that – an unforgetable ring that is perfect and captures all the excitement of the practice.

Steel is required for a target to produce a “gong” when hit. The size and thickness of the steel will affect the quality of the gong produced, as will the method with which the target is mounted or suspended. If the target is mounted so it is not too restricted and can move when hit, the gong will be louder and more effective. Although quality steel targets will cost more upfront, the savings in training time and ongoing cardboard and paper target replacement will more than pay for your original investment.


In addition to providing effective visible and audible indicators when hit, steel targets greatly enhance the efficiency of your training as well. Instead of changing out paper or cardboard targets, you can spend more time actually shooting. The 30 or so minutes you save each day really add up over the course of a year, especially if you are working with a large department.


For steel targets to be functional and safe, they should be made of high quality through hardened steel that has a Brinell hardness number (BHN) of at least 500. Angry Hornet’s steel targets are all made of AR500 classified steel. The steel must also provide sufficient strength, toughness, and impact resistance. The Brinell hardness test depends upon the resistance offered to the penetration of a carbide steel ball (1.6 mm diameter) when subjected to a weight of 12.6 kg. The resulting hardness value is computed as the ratio of the applied load to the area of the indentation produced. This test is accepted as a worldwide standard for measuring the hardness of steel.




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