Should I Shoot Steel Targets or Paper Targets?

Shooting Angry Hornet Targets
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Poke Holes In Paper Or Ring Some Steel?

There is a time and place for shooters to use paper targets. There we said it. We don’t (currently) sell paper targets, but there are definitely good reasons to send your ammo down range at silent paper targets.

When seeing (and saving) your precise shot groupings is crucial, such as when sighting in your new gun, determining the difference between your custom loads, or completing a military weapons qualification course, shooting paper has its advantages. However, if you are looking to…

Turn Up The Heat During Your  Weapons Training Experience

Most Steel Shooters would agree that shooting steel is highly addictive and leads to a more rewarding shooting session. Adding some premium American Made Angry Hornet AR500 Steel Shooting Targets to your regular gun range outings is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, unless you consistently miss the actual target, but let’s save that for a different post!

Novice And Lifetime Shooters

Shooting steel has many benefits for the beginner and seasoned shooters alike. First time shooters quickly gain confidence with each hit. The immediate ringing feedback they hear assures them that they are on target, and let’s them focus more on proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze for more precise follow up shots, verses left wondering if they actually hit the target or not. Experienced shooters realize the same benefits for continued shooting success!

Close Range, Long Range, & Tactical Training

Beyond the training benefits, Pistol shooting Angry Hornet steel targets at close range is an undeniably FUN experience. It gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing. Set up various size gongs outback and grab a friend for quick “you ain’t got nothing on me” shooting competition. Makes for a nice break from the daily grind and it’s great for the mind. Our IDPA Torso Gongs are perfect for this!

Long range rifle shooters reap the benefits of shooting our AR500 steel gongs. Grab your Lead Sled or assume your favorite covert sniper shooting position, adjust your bi-pod and optics, breath easy, and let Freedom Ring! See the target swing and hear it ring from each well placed shot. Challenge yourself from different shooting positions and by using one of our AR500 Steel 4″x1/2 Gongs or 4″x3/8″ Gongs!

Tactical shooters enjoy setting up courses of several steel gongs at different ranges, allowing them to quickly move through the course knowing a direct hit with each trigger pull. This is great for muscle memory, quicker target acquisition, and confidence boosting. Try it out sometime. Shoot through a paper target range, then shoot through a steel target range and let us know what is more rewarding all around! To take a page from Glock, Confidence is… shooting steel targets!

If you are looking for additional (and enjoyable) training benefits down range, grab a bunch of our AR500 Steel Targets today. Why a bunch you ask? Well, one is none, two is one, and sharing with a friend is highly recommended.

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Shoot Steel. Ring. Repeat.


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